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  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multi-Brand

A future-proofed foundation

The Cozy Shop
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • UX/UI Design
  • Localization Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Growth & Ongoing Support


The Cozy Shop is a sleep and loungewear company serving North American consumers with some of the globe’s most recognizable brands like Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter. These passionate pj producers wanted to create an accessible, comfortable shopping experience for multiple brands in multiple markets for multiple cohorts. And do it in one Shopify store.

Our Approach
  • Custom theme design and functionality
  • Streamlined multi-brand shopping experience
  • Manageable store and site administration
Kids playing in pajamas

The approach

01Languages, currencies, brands - oh my!

English and French were the languages needed, $USD and $CAD were the currencies required, and the product catalog comprised branded, licensed, and private label collections. With our custom theme at the core we took an integrated approach to meet the localization needs of The Cozy Shop’s diverse shopping demographics. Native Shopify multi-currency, the Langshop Translation App (leveraging the Shopify Translation API), and a super configurable navigation were key elements of our solutioning.

Cozy Shop menu open

02Mega mainstream brands

The Cozy Shop team was leaning into digital with a goal to dramatically grow their D2C channel. With massive brands available to fuel the UX design we had the chance to build a site that would be a vessel for versatility. Sizeable real estate was dedicated to collections pages, keeping in mind we needed to build to accommodate product line expansion. With mainstream brand assets a constant in their site design, we focussed on creating a solid foundation for scalability.

Big brands for Cozy Shop
Mobile shopping experience
Mobile shopping experience
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The impact

01US & Canada Localization

Selling in multiple markets, languages, and currencies is not easily accomplished on the Shopify platform. We met The Cozy Shop’s localization goals with a completely custom theme framework. But we never lost sight of what’s possible right out-of-the-box. A nice combo for future expansion.

Shopping page for Cozy Shop

02A solution sized for success

This project started with eight (8) Shopify stores. We successfully consolidated all into one (1). Now The Cozy Shop has straightforward backend administration and an intuitive multi-brand front end experience.

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