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Knockaround makes practical, stylish, completely customizable sunglasses. Personalized products with personal service is their M.O. So ensuring that real-time inventory is viewable on their Shopify storefront is top priority. We make all of that happen.

Our Approach
  • Custom product customization
  • User-focused design
  • Product data structure development
  • Real-time inventory display
Knockaround sunglass customizer


"We had an extremely tight two month timeline to replace our product customizer app before BF/CM. In the face of that, Pixel Union (now known as Knit) still knocked it out of the park. Our Custom Shop is faster, easier to manage, and provides a better experience than ever before. If your brand is looking for a product customizer solution, and you're a Shopify Plus customer, I can't recommend Assembly and the Pixel Union (now known as Knit) team enough."

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Wes Gates

Senior Technology Manager, Knockaround

The approach

01Simple steps for custom-made shades

The cool part of Knockaround’s ‘design your own glasses is that they’re super easy to make. By implementing Assembly, our product customizer app, shoppers can totally tailor glasses to their tastes. Assembly allows customers to seamlessly select desired product options, from frame to lens to logo, and integrates all custom product and order data directly into the Shopify admin. With inventory updating in real-time via Assembly, Knockaround can always fulfill their customers' sunglass dreams.

Knockaround sunglass customizer with frame selected

02Fun-ctionality for days

Knockaround’s CUSTOM SHOP is a totally personalized shopping experience. Executing on their vision needed the utility of our product customizer and a sensible user experience. The ability for shoppers to randomize product options with the click of a button and to share personal designs, along with the admin ability to quickly add colours and modify prices is a lot of functionality. So we worked with Knockaround to research style, layout, and conversion to create an interactive and fun UX design.

Kicking Horse Coffee website product details page, mobile view

The impact

01Omnipresent customization

We provided Knockaround with incredible flexibility to add customization at any point in the shopping journey. Our Assembly product customizer code can be added to anywhere on the site - the cart, product listing pages, sharing etc. making for an immersive buying experience.

02Easy admin and quality data

An ecommerce site with myriad and variable products requires straightforward administration. We built a product data structure that allows the Knockaround team to fully control the addition of new products and styles. Plus, the Assembly < > Shopify real-time integration allows them to reliably display available inventory for custom products while receiving accurate order data to meet their brand promise.

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